A message from The View from Jerusalem

Dear readers,

I have recently begun writing a new weekly column in English for Hamodia, focusing on economic and business-related issues in Israel and in Europe.

Going forward, I’ll be posting new additions on a weekly basis, along with the usual articles from the Jerusalem Post, which focus on global economic and financial issues.

All The articles I’ve written for the new column can now be found on my blog, at http://pinchasl.wwwnl1-ss21.a2hosted.com/category/hamodia/

The individual articles published so far, in descending order, are:

Exodus from France (January 16)

Tech riding high (January 9)

Tourism derailed (January 2)

Fallout (December 26)

Terms of trade (December 19)

The real issue (December 12)

 Swiss bank heist (December 5)

 The sun also rises (November 28)

The half full glass (November 21)

 Rudderless (November 14)

The world gets nasty (November 7)

While you were out (October 31)

The bleak continent (October 24)

 The successful decade (October 8)

 Loud noise, big numbers (October 2)

The problem of free money (September 24)

Keep your money (September 19)

Fuggedaboutit! (September 12)

I hope you enjoy the new column. As always, feel free to discuss the articles on the blog.

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