22nd December 2019

On December 16, Intel announced that it had agreed to acquire Habana Labs, a 3-year-old Israeli start up, for $2bn in cash.

This deal is not “just another exit by an Israeli start-up”. It has numerous, far-reaching implications at the national and international level, as well as illustrating several key trends in the Israeli technology sector.

This note briefly reviews the key facts relating to the companies and summarises the aspects of the deal that make it so important.

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The ostrich farm

August 2, 2019
“If he becomes Prime Minister, I’m out of here the next day”.

Commonly-heard comment from British Jews.

The ‘he’ referred to in the quote is not Boris Johnson, the country’s new premier — but rather Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party. It is Mr Corbyn, not Mr Johnson, from whom British Jews are threatening to run away.

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