The Jews of la-la-France

January 30, 2017 The article was originally posted on Times of Israel magazine . In the entire sweep of Jewish history, no large group of Jews ever left anywhere voluntarily. The ‘wandering Jew’ was always propelled by compulsion, not by some innate ‘wanderlust’.   This was the case even in Egypt, where — see Exodus 13 — when Pharaoh’s policy finally changed, […]

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A Tale of Two Bros and Two Boroughs

October 12, 2016
This article picks up on a fascinating Bloomberg feature about two orthodox Jewish kids from Brooklyn who became rich and debauched by ruthlessly ripping off everyone they could find – especially their own kith and kin. What makes mainstream yeshiva boys turn into cruel monsters – and why do big Wall Street firms want to do the same disgusting things, but on a much bigger scale?

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Steady as she goes – but for how long?

25 January, 2016 Originally posted on Wharton university website- knowledge@wharton The Israeli economy turned in another solid performance in 2015. The country’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published on December 31 its traditional year-end preliminary estimate of economic growth, which showed GDP expanding at 2.3% — slightly down from the 2.6% recorded in 2014.   The main driver of growth is now […]

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Eretz Acheret January 26 Originally published in Eretz Acheret under the title ‘the Exodus from Europe 2015’. Israel is a European country. This fundamental fact is the essential starting point for any analysis of the current crisis of European Jewry and of its impact on Israel. Yet many Israelis do not consciously recognize this fact. It is so much part […]

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