Debt Slavery

Hamodia March 6 “The borrower is the servant to the lender” is a well-known verse from Mishle (Proverbs), cited frequently in the Gemara and later rabbinic literature — as often in a moral context as a halachic one. Although lending — ideally without any charge, let alone formal interest — is strongly encouraged in Jewish thought and practice, borrowing is […]

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Looking Up

Israel economics

Hamodia February 27 Don’t confuse me with the facts. That seems to be the theme of the Israeli elections and of public discourse generally. The election campaign, as has been widely noted, is intensely negative — with almost all the parties engaged not merely in explaining why their opponents are incompetent, corrupt, stupid or all of the above but, in […]

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The Greek Threat

Hamodia February 13 In December, the people of Greece were gripped by tension, while the rest of Europe looked on in apprehension, as the Greek government tried – and failed — three times to get its candidate for President elected by the Greek parliament. Even though the post of president is mainly ceremonial and carries little real power, under the […]

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Tourism Derailed

Hamodia January 2The tourism industry in its widest sense — including hotels, restaurants, tour guides and other ancillary sectors — is a vital part of the Israeli economy. It is the largest single source of employment in the private sector, because it is very labor-intensive. True, most of the jobs are low-paying, but that makes them all the more important […]

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Hamodia December 26 The collapse in the price of oil was the focus of last week’s column — and of this week’s. There are other things to talk about, but they don’t begin to compare in importance and impact to the fallout from the oil price crash. There are two aspects of what has happened — so far, because we […]

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