Tourist arrivals and Israelis travelling abroad: Data through February 2020

8th March 2020
March is certain to see a drastic fall in both arrivals and departures. The abrupt swing from boom to crisis is unprecedented, because it does not stem from national security issues, but from global health concerns. Furthermore, no-one knows how long the crisis will last. However, it is likely that the recovery, when it comes, will be gradual, rather than sharp.

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December 17th , 2019.
Bottom line: The current account surplus in the third quarter, at $3.9bn, was $300m. less than that in the second quarter. Although each of the four components of the current account (see below) declined compared to the second quarter, the net change was marginal, demonstrating how a large surplus has become a stable feature of the Israeli economy. This surplus also explains the strength of the Israeli shekel – and it is set to increase in 2020, when natural gas exports from the Leviathan field begin.

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