TLR 200-Shekel/ Dollar Intervention: Faster, Higher, Stronger

    On January 14, I was engaged in writing a newsletter focused on Israeli domestic politics and the upcoming general election. That, however, was interrupted by the dramatic – although, under the circumstances, not wholly unexpected — announcement from the Bank of Israel of an important change in exchange rate policy. In a nutshell, the Bank committed to spending […]

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TLR 197 – Where? Whence? Whither?

11th June 2020 After discussing the question of “Where are we now?” in the previous newsletter, this issue moves on to the second question, namely “Whence?” or, more colloquially, “How did we get here?” The question has many facets, which this newspaper defines as B] Domestic Politics, where it translates into “how did we arrive at such a weird coalition […]

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TLR 196 – Where? Whence? Whither?

28th  May 2020 This issue is tasked with picking up many threads after long disruption. Although we have been in contact via various virtual channels and will continue to be, only now has it become possible to write a coherent analysis addressing the three cardinal questions raised in the headline: Where are we now? This question relates to every sphere […]

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