TLR 156 – Next Up

This issue continues the political discussion presented in the previous issue and that commenced in TLR 153. The starting point this time is the expected outcome of the general election on Tuesday and how it might translate into a stable coalition that will enable Netanyahu to get done the things he wants done, but also not to do the things […]

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TLR 154 – Not Déja Vu

This issue interrupts the planned discussion of Israel’s changing political environment, in exactly the same way as its subject – the recent “Pillar of Defence” operation in Gaza – interrupted the political and election processes. But once this discussion is complete, the focus will return to domestic politics – as it already has in the country.

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TLR 153 – Long Live The Status Quo?

The Israeli economy is chugging quietly along, with a run of better-than-expected data sending the bears back into hibernation (and the stock market soaring). Even the corporate scene, with its long list of tycoons and their empires in varying states of distress, has become boring and ‘samey’. The only show in town is the elections – which, ironically, also ensure […]

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