Reaping the whirlwind

29 January, 2016

“For they sow the wind, so they will reap the whirlwind. The standing grain has no ears, so it will yield no flour; and if it does yield any, foreigners will swallow it up”. Hosea 8:7, Complete Jewish Bible translation


On Monday, January 25, a young Swedish woman was fatally stabbed at a migrant hostel where she worked. The alleged assailant is a young — supposedly 15-year-old, but almost certainly much older and anyway six feet tall — Somali immigrant. If you haven’t read about it, you can blog it and get all the relevant facts, rumors, innuendo and twists, from every different angle.


A good place to start might be with the Washington Post, where the headline was “Horrible and tragic: Swedish asylum worker killed at refugee center”. An innocent reader might assume that the deceased accidentally fell off the roof or was run over, either of which would be horrible and tragic. But murder is quite another matter, especially when committed by a ‘teenage’ immigrant who, apparently was fighting with another resident of the hostel — which caters solely for young males with no family in Sweden .


I will leave it to others to draw the obvious, glaring, inevitable comparisons between 15-year-old murderers in Gothenburg and their counterparts in and around Jerusalem. No doubt, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, who has recently raised cheers in Europe and hackles elsewhere, for daring to criticize both Saudi Arabia and Israel for their respective illiberality, will be able to explain why stabbing innocent people on the streets of occupied Palestine is understandable and to be expected, while doing so in liberal, welcoming Sweden is not.


But the bitter truth is that this murder is no longer shocking. Two months ago, it would have received infinitely more coverage — or maybe cover-up. Because, for whatever reason, innocence, make-believe and cover-up died in Europe on New Year’s Day, in Cologne and other German cities. The revelations of large-scale group and gang-inflicted sexual harassment and assault by young men of Arab or Middle Eastern appearance served to blow the German ‘wilkommenkultur’ out of the water, almost overnight.


Yet these revelations proved to be only the tip of the iceberg. The German police had initially made light of or ignored, or covered up, the reports and complaints. Only when the numbers swelled to dozens and then hundreds of reported incidents, did the entire issue explode across Germany — and then across Europe. It quickly transpired that France had been the scene of similar incidents that night — and that in Sweden, mass harassment and worse had taken place throughout the summer season of outdoor festivals, but had been deliberately covered-up, by the liberal media, the police, or both.

The result is a huge, overt, increasingly ugly and violent, backlash across Europe against the immigrant wave that has descended on the continent over the last half-year — and the smaller flow that came in previous years. Personally, I am only surprised that it took so long in coming, because I have been expecting this backlash for over a decade — since the wave of violence and arson in France in 2004/5.


In discussions and arguments with friends and colleagues across Europe, I have taken the view that it is inconceivable that 1,500 hundred years of Christian culture in Europe will simply roll over and die, in the face of a Moslem/ Arab invasion with overt religious and cultural implications. Yet for ten years and more, the liberal totalitarianism that is the secular religion of the European Union managed to hold the line — until the extraordinary events of 2015 pushed everyone over the edge.


Cologne, Gothenburg et all are not the whole story, by any means. I urge readers to blog “immigrants, Calais, trucks” or similar words, and see for themselves how the French have lost — or ceded — control of the Channel port from which immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia seek to get into the UK. That’s just YouTube stuff. Literate readers should go to the Gatestone Institute and read their compilations — taken from media sources — on creeping Islamization (my term, not theirs) in Britain and in France (separate reports) in 2015.  True Islamophobes should go to “The Gates of Vienna” and other blogs, where they can read well-written, intelligent and highly poisonous diatribes against Islam and its practitioners — not just ISIS or Wahhabis.


I mention these not as approbations, merely as examples with which I am acquainted that illustrate the appalling state of affairs in Europe — even in the UK, where blithering Jewish idiots , among others, pretend that they are all right, Yankel, and there’s nothing to worry about.


Meanwhile, in the Zionist entity, the miracle of business as usual continues, the daily stabbing or shooting notwithstanding. No-one in the media, the bureaucracy, the Knesset or the government has yet managed to joint the dots linking chaos-in-Europe to rising-antisemitism to imminent-tipping-point to large-scale-emigration to mass-aliyah. Much easier to fire diplomatic insults at Swedish politicians — or the UN punchbag — than to prepare the country for a national emergency.


The nation facing the emergency is the Jewish nation — the one that this country was supposedly established to help.

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