Recent radio and t.v interviews

A] Manchester local radio

This is an interview conducted on ‘Jewish Hour’, a weekly show on Salford City Radio – which is a local radio station in Manchester, UK. I visited Manchester on behalf of Israel Bonds in  early December 2016 and the interview – which relates to trends in the Israeli economy in general, as well as discussing Israel Bonds specifically – was broadcast live on the show of Monday, December 12.

Click on this link to hear the interview:



B] Irish TV

This year’s annual Kilkenomics festival – a unique event held in Kilkenny, Ireland, every November that combines comedy and economics by featuring leading economists and investment gurus from around the world, in panels chaired by stand-up artists – took place immediately after the US presidential election. I flew in to Dublin from New York after watching, listening and speaking to people all over the US.


David McWilliams’ weekly TV show on current affairs is broadcast every Sunday morning. The show for November 13 was recorded in Kilkenny on Friday, November 11 and included an interview with myself and Bill Emmott, the former editor of the Economist, discussing the implications of Trump’s victory on Europe, the Middle East and the global economy.

Click on this link to see the interview:



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